Juniors Club

Junior Club Days are held every other Saturday morning throughout the year. At these sessions, coaching is available from HCA Juniors coach, Tony Murphy

How to join 

As with the main club, applicants must have completed a beginners’ course. Membership applications must be received in writing or via the form here, completed by a parent or guardian.

Juniors under 14 years of age must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

Juniors line up to shoot

We encourage Juniors to shoot and score rounds to progress through the County Badge Scheme and we also take part in the Perris Archery Junior League. In the summer months HCA Juniors shoot with the main club in the HAA Summer League. Throughout the year, HCA Juniors are encouraged to shoot in competitions and are an integral part of club life.

For further information on the County Badge Scheme or Coaching, please contact Tracey Jackson or Tony Murphy on juniors@hertfordcompanyofarchers.org.uk